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 RF Lectures

 RF Lectures

2012 Lectures                                                         2013 Lectures

Lecture 01  Introduction

Lecture 02  Transmission Line Theory and introduction to 'Smith' charts

Lecture 03  Detailed Smith chart development. Introduction to impedance matching

Lecture 04  More on stub matching. Two stub 'tuners'. Quarter Wave matching. 'High-Low' matching

Lecture 05  Review of transistor amplifiers and bias configurations. The biassing of transistors at RF frequencies

Lecture 06  The use of S-parameters to assess circuit stability. Applying feedback to two ports, 'Flow' graphs and their application

Lecture 07  Developing the performance of RF transistor amplifiers

Lecture 08  The design of a complete RF receiver. Introduction/review of filter design, extra files

Lecture 09  RF filter design

Lecture 10  Coupled line filters. Directional couplers

Lecture 11  Introduction to RF oscillator design, extra files

Lecture 12  The complete development of a practical RF oscillator

Lecture 13  Course review/Revision. Specific query responses